Wednesday, 26 October 2011

'Do It For Your Mum' by Roy Wilkinson

"No decent band biography should solely be about the band - and heaven forbid that they should ever be all about ‘the music’. Music is for listening to; books are for telling stories. Really a good music biography should be about everything but the music. They should be about that which surrounds the band. Where they come from. Why they have chips on their shoulders. The freaks they attract. The drugs they take. The mistakes they make. The bones they break. Which Travelodges to avoid. Why they matter.

It is for these reasons that characters as disparate as Julian Cope, Ian Hunter and Motley Crue are responsible for some of the best rock reads; because they jettison the boring muso stuff – the who-wrote-what, and which key it was played in guff - to instead channel the vibe. The vibe is important. As important as haircuts and footwear..."

I reviewed Do It For Your Mum here.

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