Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Credit To The Nation

I loved this song by Credit To The Nation back in 1993. Still do. 17 year old Matty Hanson aka MC Fusion was like the Dizzee Rascal of his day, but more politicised, and operating in an era when UK hip-hop didn't try and disguise its regional accents (in Fusion's case, Birmingham) and wasn't exactly setting the charts alight. The press simultaneously loved and patronised them (or really, him) but they were great live and MC Fusion an articulate young man.

Everyone has sampled Nirvana since then, but 'Call It What You Want' got there first, and in fine style.

I just read that they are back in the studio, recording a new album for release later in the year. I'm glad about that.

(Incidentally, Credit To The Nation make a tiny cameo appearance in my forthcoming novel.)

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